“Legislators in Congress are concerned with these first three priorities before anything else, re-election, re-election, re-election.” -Michael Bloomberg”.

Aren’t you glad it’s almost over? In roughly two weeks, the seemingly interminable US political campaign, nowadays truly a blood sport will culminate with the election. The 2016 campaign was announced by Hillary Clinton 577 days before the election, and by Donald Trump, 513 days prior to the election. By way of comparison, the longest Canadian federal election campaign has been 78 days with the average length, 46 days. Americans have shown a lot of perseverance and patience in withstanding this agonizingly slow endurance contest. US politics has become much too partisan, and the rivals are more interested in attacking each other, ‘drawing blood’, than they are in focusing on political, let alone economic issues. Democracy can work properly only if all citizens’ operative principle is: “I may hate what you stand for, but as long as you are elected fairly and govern constitutionally, I will defend to the death your right to compete and win”. If democracy is to be any sport at all, all players must abide by the rules of the game.